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Kudos and Reviews.

This Old House Magazine This Old House Magazine tests The Silent Paint Remover™ and other various paint removing methods. The results of their review are published in the article Stripped Bare.

Woodworkweb.com Woodworkweb.com has also featured a great review of The Silent Paint Remover™ Method.

Fixing Our Historic House After researching stripping techniques, we narrowed my options down to The Silent Paint Remover™ Full article...

House in Progress"Except for our cries of "ooh" and "ahh", it WAS silent!" Full article...

RobinWill.com The Silent Paint Remover™ proves to be "an extraordinary value". Full article...

Stripping Old Paint Tired of smelly and messy chemical paint strippers or supercharged heat guns that require a lot of scraping and sanding to get down to the bare wood? Full article...

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